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Jack the DriverHello! Nice to meet you! Let’s first to introduce my company…
My Name is Gioacchino Colonna (as Spanish Joaquim), but due the pronunciation’s problem (most of the differences between English and Italian are about vowels pronounce), one of my first English speaking customer had hard time to speech it so he started to give me Jack as nick name and I became by time, a.k.a. Jack the Driver.
I was born in Sorrento and I always lived there. My family, Sorrento’s original since the 18th century, have had interests in tourism business since 1900, my Grandparents first had a “osteria” (like a today small family restaurant) located in the oldest part of the town, actually Via Santa Maria della Pietà, and then a “pensione” called “Villa Pollio” (small family hotel) in the town outskirts. Even my dad owned a restaurant in the fishermen’s village, originally called “La Lampara” and later a small hotel.
All of them taught me the respect of the customers and to give effort and passion in what I do. I am still following their teaching.
Naples' Gulf view from PosillipoHaving formed my background first getting a high school diploma and then working as receptionist in hotels located in Sorrento, Capri and Brighton (UK), I acquired a good acknowledgement “on the field” of English language so I am fluent in it. Those my past work’s experiences made me comfortable to stay in contact with foreign nationalities, understanding their needs and wishes. I am a traveler too, in my free time, and I have been to several countries in Europe, America, Africa and Asia so I know the troubles and the feelings to be abroad.
During my experience as driver, I collaborated with the most exclusive hotels in Sorrento, Positano, Amalfi, Ravello, Naples, Capri and the Amalfi Coast.
Finally in 2004, after a contest made in my hometown between some hundreds candidates, I got my NCC (Noleggio Con Conducente – car rental with driver) license, realizing my lifetime dream to have an independent private drivers service!
I started my own business acquiring, in few years, a very good reputation worldwide and online and I also collaborate as referenced private drivers company in Southern ItalyAmalfi Coast with travel agents worldwide.
Positano at sunsetActually I manage a reputable car service company, having some of the best drivers in the area working with me. All of them is fluent English speaking and have a very good acknowledgements regarding your place of interest. They keep themselves updated following the last news with the purpose to have conversation regarding most of the issues of your interest. They are able to give suggests and tips regarding hotels, restaurants, shops, monuments, food & wine or about anything you could need.
Being a Southern Italians make us to be friendly and warm hearted, always ready to help peoples, like to treat our customers with respect but don’t like to brag around. We are proud of our heritage of course but in same time we like to be simple and communicative. I like to manage my company in open minded way and not formal, so while you’ll see most of other drivers with suit and tie, may be we’ll haven’t!. Hope this will not make any difference with you!
Those are words of a my good customer and friend and I guess are the better way to describe myself: “…I very highly recommend Jack as a driver and guide… Jack has such a wonderful way of talking to people and putting people at ease. He really went out of his way to make sure this was the best trip I have ever had
“Gabrielle Sbano, NYPD captain, 5th precinct’s former chief.”
Kurt Warner and Jack the Driver

Jack the Driver and Kurt Warner, NFL MVP Super Bowl XXXIV
Kurt Warner: Good day today w/ JackTheDriver, at lunch sat next 2 fam from KC & NY, what r the odds, pics & autos in Italy too, no need 2 go 2 TrainCamp!
(from twitter)

I am happy and glad to live in a such beautiful part of Southern Italy, surrounded by archaeological sites as PompeiiHerculaneumPaestum, beautiful natural landscapes as Sorrento and Amalfi Coast, amazing towns as PositanoAmalfiRavello and I’m delighted to show them to visitors, I really do it with passion and love!

“The finest compliment I can ever receive is a referral from my friends and customers”


Positano at the sunset


I offer two different options to secure your booking, you can pick the one you feel more comfortable with:

Option #1: This website is under https protocol so absolutely safe. You can forward your sensible data like credit card number in confident and security mode. Just use the form at the end of this page or the booking form. You can also forward your credit card info by phone calling from abroad on my mobile 011-39-3391718140 or American number +1 323 6010368.
Option #2: You can make a deposit via PayPal using the link on this page right side. Please make an enquire before to send any money. Deposit is refundable if cancellation is made 48 hours in advance!
If you need further clarifications on the payment, please give me a call, you are more than welcome to call me on my phone which is almost always on, from the US please dial 011-39-339-1718140.
Please, don’t forget the hourly difference before call, thanks!
Cancellation policy expect nothing to pay till 48 hours in advance the expected service time. 
Deposit is refundable if cancellation is made 48 hours in advance, it can be used for a future reservation if it is made in one year.

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Deposit is refundable if cancellation is made 48 hours in advance


(by John Steinbeck)

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